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I can confirm the story you have written in terms of how the police consider this subject. I along with a group of RAF Officers did an exchange with the metropolitan police, it was great fun, but one of the areas we went to was an office where investigations of this nature take place. Behind the securely locked doors a couple of coppers had to sit and catalogue every video second by second and make a written record of exactly what was happening to the children concerned at every moment. The escorting officer said we were welcome to observe the work these policemen were doing, but that was issued with a stern warning about our psychological well being. He went further to explain that most of the officers on this particular duty can only stomach 6 months maximum because of the trauma of what they witness, he went on to describe what they were currently investigating and what the beast concerned was doing to the kids. Not one of us could summon up the courage to bear witness even for a second, we all requested the door remain firmly locked and moved quickly on to a more 'normal' side of policing.. The police apparently (and understandably) suffer terrible emotional scars.

edited to add. The animal that was being investigated above was banged up for life, but I read four years later that he had been mysteriously, brutally murdered by unknown prisoners whilst in jail. Don't you just take your hat off to the old school thugs and gangsters in jail.
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