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Siseman, I remember seeing something on TV about it and the actual amount of "traces" found regarding all that stuff beggars belief. It is virtually impossible for the authorities to keep up, and that was just in the USA! Now, when you extrapolate that to cover the rest of the world you can see how big a problem it is, especially as these are just the known cases. Also, it can be very hard to actually start tracking people in the first case because so much of the traffic is encrypted, goes through private servers, etc. Like in this latest UK case, what normally triggers the arrests, etc, are images found on computers being sent in for repair. That leads to someone else, which leads to someone else, etc, etc.

In reality, the authorities have to be pretty lucky to get someone at the start of tracing a "ring", but once they do get one person they can find it easy to trace others. But it's the resources, or lack of, that is a problem when you think of catching these
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