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Definitely agree with all the technical ones and indeed remembering Job numer 1 - getting the aeroplane and contents safely to the destination.

One big one which I'm sure most of us have faced is maintaining your own strict set of standards, and avoiding the temptation to cut corners to save time. Some days on your 15th sector it really gets hard to keep pressing yourself for your best standard, and often the temptation to blast off or cut a short circuit to get in quick is there. Fly every leg like it's the first one of the day, efficiency is certainly important, but no more so than safety, or the law

Another part of this is knowing the limits of yourself and your equipment. I'm sure most who have done time up north have had a bunch of tradies pushing them to carry more than their fair share of tools on board, or a mate who wasn't on the manifest, or trying to crack a tinnie on board. You'll get it, and it's tough at the start to stand your ground. It's funny though because as you become more confident and sure about your craft and yourself it becomes more and more enjoyable by the day to tell them to pi$$ off.

From an employers perspective, of course someone who works hard makes them happy. Again you have big days where by the end of the day it turned out nothing like it should have. People don't turn up, things change. It gets annoying, but it's your job. Don't push yourself beyond normal comfort zone, stay legal but if you crack it at your boss for a diversion for another flight on the way home because you imagined a cold one on your hand by 5pm you won't be doing yourself any favours.

Stay legal.
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