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Thank you everyone who replied so far!

scooby79, I don't understand what surprises you. Licence conversion isn't part of the JAA ATPL Air Law theory syllabus. There could exist, as far as I knew, an ongoing convergence of rules... Like Open Skies... or the FAA's CESAR equivalent. Regarding multi-pilot time, you are right! My mistake. What I meant was wet/shared time (both pilots crediting full block time as PIC) in a single pilot plane, which is legal in FAA jurisdiction and not in JAA - and how that would affect time crediting towards ATPL "unfreezing" in JAA jurisdiction later on. You say I should log time as in Portugal... so, should I split the time then, in case of a merged logbook? Also, I plan on calling the school and plough the forums soon enough, just trying to seek some basic directional guidance.

Shunter, do you know if there's a PDF available freely online?

selfin, and everyone, once again thank you!
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