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Question Double licence JAA/FAA?

Hello, I've recently finished a JAR-FCL "frozen" ATPL. There may be an opportunity for me to take a SEP and/or MEP pilot instructor course in the US and afterwards train pilots there. I know there are a lot of topics concerning JAA to FAA conversion and vice-versa (which I haven't properly read, to be honest!). But the main point of my doubt, at the moment, is a bit different:

- If I convert to FAA will I be able to retain a JAA licence AS WELL? A double "frozen" ATPL licence? FAA and JAA at the same time?

- And, if that isn't possible, what would I need to do to convert BACK to JAA in the future should I return to work in the EU? Would it somehow be easier given that my full ground and air training was done in the EU with respect to JAR-FCL (well, excluding the future PI training in the US)?

Thank you very much for your input!
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