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That's a big ask Zooker. Area radars moved from place to place to start with. Hack Green/ Antrobus to Patcru for instance. In my day Patcru had 264 at both Manch and St Annes. Border had types 84? and 85, Northern at Lindholme had type 82, Gailes type 14 and 7, Sopley type 80. That's just the area units I recall, don't know the types for Highland at Buchan for instance. Airfields become mind boggling. ACR6 at Manch , 424 at Hawarden, Blackpool, Liverpool ( replaced by a 430), AR1 subsequently upgraded at IOM. Then there were the 232s which preceded the 264 there were also oddities like the DSAR1 at Llanbedr and the funny periscope thing at Lasham. I even, very briefly, worked traffic on an AA4 mk.7; an anti aircraft gun laying radar. Add in the PARs and you are looking at a long list. Best of luck with the research.
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