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Brian Abraham
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there is no point in being the safest operator if you go out of business because your costs are too high. It is the nature of our business that we compete with each other primarily on price, and despite their massive profits, the oil companies squeeze us to the bone. It's difficult to see how that will ever change.
HC, you would have enjoyed working with us. First world country, no weather reports to read so necessity to plan alternates or anything else, being caught in weather SOP, dictated by management to do what you're told (non compliance with regs) and there are some here suggesting ownership and operation by an oil company is the way forward. I've got news for them, and none of it good. The aircraft and maintenance were top notch however. The whole problem with the industry is that we don't have paying passengers. If that were the case consumer groups and the media would be on the regulators and politicians case.
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