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Unstable Load - we are talking about the oil companies here who are making zillions of pounds a day in profit, not the poor old British taxpayer (and I am one at 40% don't forget).

It would seem that they have been allowed to dictate terms and conditions for too long without adequate control from the regulators. If the standards were set nationally and internationally to the level that the workforce should come to expect nowadays then the oil companies would not be able to screw the nut down so tightly on the operators.

The oil companies will blame the pilots for the N Sea crash and the manufacturers for the Newfoundland crash but they and the regulators are ultimately responsible for what goes on offshore.

If there really is an aspiration to achieve airline levels of safety then the customer will have to put his hand in his very large pocket and the regulators will have to make sure the standards are imposed. I know it flies in the face of current business practise but unless you want another 50 years of wailing and gnashing of teeth every time a foreseable accident occurs offshore, something needs to change.
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