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Sasless, I may not have flown in the offshore world but I can guarantee that the oil companies don't willingly put their employees at risk for the sake of a few quid.

It has been highlighted on the N sea crash thread that oil workers are extremely safety conscious and have no problem with a pilot saying 'no go' for whatever reason.

It seems from comments on that thread from those in the know that it is the helicopter operators themselves, all busy undercutting the others to get the contract, that have created a poor Flight Safety culture in order to get the job done cheaply.
Clearly, you haven't flown in the offshore world. The first instinct of an oil company when a safety rule is inconvenient is to see if it can be waived.

The best example, and most ludicrous, was doing my 90-day night helideck recurrency at the airport because the rigs were not available. We protested, they approved.
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