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A scope clause would be great, very much doubt it though.
Whatever happened to the Group opportunity List?
Wasn't that a concept that tried to emulate a claytons type scope clause?

Going Boeing, don't choke on your own rhetoric now mate.
"The new team are genuine blokes who will look after the interests of junior pilots (probably more than senior ones because any changes will have the greatest effect on them"

Is that why most of the executive are A380 pilots ensuring that conditions are just right on that beast. Just look at the angst thats being caused by some of the pay anomolies that this aircraft is raising. Sounds more like Keynesian inspired trickle down economics to me. Genuine blokes hey? Could you explain the current "night of the long knives" that is presently going on in the AIPA office regarding any staff that have been deemed unacceptable to these genuine guys because of what I can only see as being their percieved political allegiances.
The more things change the more they stay the same me thinks!
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