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My understanding of pilot industrial history suggests that the whole issue boils down to whether those with the negotiating ability and muscle and patience can get a Scope Clause.....or not. If the union(s) representing the disparate groups of pilots flying aircraft owned by the Qantas Group can get a Scope Clause THEN the issue of a Group wide seniority list might mean something. And it would put a stop to newer and newer subsidiaries being created with ever worse conditions.

If there is no Scope Clause then it will be one group of pilots wanting to cherry pick the others jobs, fighting over an ever-diminishing pool of flight deck seats while for example Qantas 787 (Christchurch) Pty Ltd offers a vast array of Dreamliner jobs based on non-union, non seniority, peasant conditions.

Are those (leaders and members)with the negotiating ability and muscle and patience ready to do something?
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