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teresa green
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If you can believe what is printed in todays Australian Newspaper, the AIPA has suddenly decided that the JQ boys and girls are not quite the cowboys (and girls) they loftily called them at the start of JQ's launching. Their attitude was typically QF, surely these poor quality pilots were simply ones that QF rejected, and sat back at waited for the airline to fail, and the aircraft to fall out of the sky like leaves, with such idiots at the end of the prong. Oh dear, look whats happened, not only have they not had a prang, but their pathetic little airline is going gangbusters, and all of a sudden the Sky Gods are starting to bleat, after totally refusing JQ pilots entry into the AIPA at the beginning of JQ'S launch, all of a sudden they are offering a set of steak knives and a free haircut to anyone who wants to join. No I have never flown for JQ but certainly have for QF, and pehaps being a relic from TAA and known QFs attitude to us and AN pilots you can forgive a old man for having a bit of a chuckle. I hope you JQ people tell them to stick it up the proverbial Kybar Pass, you have a good product, you have a good future, build your own airline and leave the Sky Gods to thrash around in theirs, their future is a lot bleaker than yours, believe me.
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