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I am wondering as an airliner pilot, we see cockpit indications all the time and all pending on the warning we proceed. Obviously heli's are completely different but I am wondering, according to the threads on here with the indication of a gearbox problem being land Immediatley. Is that really what everyone on here would have done? I mean I am just thinking if that were me with that problem I think I would have pressed on as well
Forgive me if I have misunderstood your question, and please understand I am in no way referring to this particular dreadful accident, but trying to compare actions in an airliner to actions in a helicopter are like chalk and cheese.

If you suffer a serious malfunction overwater in an airliner that requires you to get it on the ground asap I have no doubt your training is to look to the nearest suitable divert. A landing in the water is generally accepted by the large fixed wing world as one with a low suvivability chance.....hudson river exempt! If you suffer a similar problem in a heli, particularly one that is designed and regularly operated overwater and so is fitted with floats etc and possibly even passengers dressed in survival suits then a controlled water landing even in high sea states may well lead to a more survivable situation than trying to continue flight to reach land only to suffer some catastrophic failure and the water landing being anything but controlled. The flexibiliy of a heli not requiring runways means that generally land immediately emergencies mean just that.

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