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True and the dilution of experience, in my opinion, is critical at the moment. This would account for the SO3 at Air.
This further strengthens the possibility of NCA being commissioned; this feeds experience in very fast albeit you would need to be on the ‘NCOs can’t command’ side of the fence or –
You accept that the Officer cadre is allowed to mature, in peace, using the SNCO to do the soldier ant task. This has its benefits allowing the experience to grow (Officer) as well as stay on the front line (SNCO) while allowing the luxury of maturing the competent SO3/2 who then can go into Air and Command.
I am still convinced that we can see the pitfalls easily but once you get into politics Mil or Civil – a lobotomy dulls the optical nerves – that can’t see beyond the end of their noses (unfair to tar all but you get the point). I have often wondered how a young blade can be fantastic then when they reach SO1 morph into ‘le Grand Idiot’ – bizarre – an NCO wouldn’t do that, they either are or are not idiots from day dot and remain so!!!
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