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Originally Posted by Gnd View Post
5 SO2s in a flight is very expensive and it does happen. I do think this may be more appropriate to the RW fraternity; in the short term anyway.
Round the buoy again? In the mid-60s a V-bomber sqn with 55 aircrew had one wg cdr and one sqn ldr. Senior flt lt covered the QFI/IRE, plotter, radar, AEO Ldrs and a Training Officer. Many of these were Cranwell officers and destined for the stars. The rest of the billets were filled with 38/16 men.

Then came Hodgekinson and the creation of an additional 300 overborne sqn ldrs from which to increase the pool for wg cdrs. Unfortunately the sqn ldrs were not happy being sqn ldr gash-shag and wanted a role in life.

The same V-bomber sqn that previously had an SO/SO2 gained two SO2 flt cdrs, an AEO ldr, Nav Ldr, Pilot Ldr, and Training Officer. Overnight the SO2 role was diluted to just 20% and the SO3 billets abolished. Even Spec Aircrew sqn ldrs bumped career flt lt from useful employment.

Just out of interest - how would a junior Flt Lt do when confronted with a stroppy Wng Comd 200 miles around the other side of the world - pull the Aircraft Captain card like any Army WO maybe or get help from the MALM?
It has been done. If done properly it can be the wg cdr that trips on his knickers.

So, what has rank inflation actually achieved? It achieved a big put lift in retention pay but also led to major redundancy packages within a year or so. Promote, see how they manage, then promote further or make redundant.
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