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Originally Posted by chris28
I am wondering as an airliner pilot, we see cockpit indications all the time and all pending on the warning we proceed. Obviously heli's are completely different but I am wondering, according to the threads on here with the indication of a gearbox problem being land Immediatley. Is that really what everyone on here would have done? I mean I am just thinking if that were me with that problem I think I would have pressed on as well. Can someone in the know give a run down on what the whole scenario would have went like out there?
While not typed on the 92 I do fly other sikorsky products in the offshore market.

Most if not all stand alone MGB problems (ie: temperature too high, pressure too low, chip light etc..) will result in the Emergency Checklist suggesting to descend to minimum safe altitude adjust speed and Land as Soon as Possible. Once a MGB problem develops into mulitple problems (ie: one of the previous problems with a grinding sound, abnormal vibration, torque increase with no increase in collective) the Emergency Checklist will suggest for you to Land/Ditch Immediately.

The Cougar 92 may have had just such a scenario as a low oil pressure problem which made the crew decide to turn back to the nearest suitable landing area. The 92 may have then provided more serious symptoms resulting in the Mayday call and the crews decision to ditch in the ocean. Unfortunately the MGB did not allow enough time for the crew to perform a controlled ditching.

I certainly don't claim to know what happend to that crew and what indications they had in the cockpit.

I've seen or heard nothing that would point any blame at the pilots.

Even with CVRs, FDRs, HUMS, eye witness accounts etc... nothing is accurate to what the crew experienced in real-time on that flight.

Hopefully, the investigators will publish information and the manufacturers will redesign parts in time that will prevent this from ever happening again.

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