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The story was they were doing some wind tunnel tests on the aircraft and while they were carrying the model they were using into the wind-tunnel it got dropped and the wing tip got bent.
Nice one - but;

Over the next four months problems popped up and were solved. The new configuration no longer allowed room for a low set horizontal stabilizer so it was raised and given 23 degrees of anhedral. Providing stability while still avoiding the hot jet efflux. In a similar way wind tunnel tests showed that there was not enough dihedral in the wings. With the centre section a single 27 foot span, immensely strong, the solution was to re-engineer the outboard panels to have 12 degrees dihedral for an average of 5 degrees across the span. It was a common sense approach and gave the Phantom its characteristic bent wing appearance.

The Fabulous Phantom. Wings 83.
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