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In the training role I have been involved in the last few years, I have observed that pilots coming from a VFR, single, unautomated background bring with them a soft skillset in basic aircraft handling that allows them to spend very little time manipulating the controls and still get the job done when needed. Pilots who have gone from flight school to an automated, IFR twin very quickly lose those same skills and need regular practice to build it back up. This must be recognized as we assess our training needs and write our procedure
Surely then you are saying that operators requiring multi crew, should only be looking at recruiting pilots with considerably more than minimum CPL/IR hours as these will have a better "basic skill set" they may have the paperwork but can they do the job when things go wrong/ bad Wx, out of the sim?

I know that N Sea operators generally do only accept those with greater hours, presumably for this reason, BUT as the number of pilots available falls, they are lowering their requirements and this may lead to problems in the future, " a strong building requires good foundations"

I personally think that such operators would be better of recruiting pilots with more hours and no IR, (or Faa IR so it at least shows some ability) rather than someone who has minimum hours and a shiny new JAA IR (and higher debt).At least these would have no problems flying without thinking about it.

If what Swamp76 says is correct then surely this would increase the safety and reduce the statistics.
Just my two pence worth.

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