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Barn Doors, yes, he, indeed he was. And if you wanted to be uber pedantic, Stirrup started life flying single seat in Strikemasters in Oman and did his squadron command on Jags.

However, if you read the accusation made against the three officers in full:

Stirrup/Torpy and Anderson - interestingly all single seat jocks who do not understand CRM (ie take the team with you).
What I thought should be obvious was that contrary to Pheasant's assertion, all of them (esp. Anderson, who's never done anything else) have a deal of experience of flying two seat FJ and thus cannot be described exclusively as single-seat FJ drivers in the way in which, say, Sir Peter Squire could be.

However, as it clearly isn't obvious, let me phrase it differently:

Contrary to Pheasant's assertions about the three officers, Anderson has never flown front line on anything other than two seaters, Stirrup spent a reasonably significant proportion of his career on two seaters (including an exchange on F-4s with the USMC, IIRC) and Torpy did his squadron command on Tornados, and was Staish at Bruggen when it had Tornados.

Therefore, none of them can be accused of having no idea at all about CRM, since all of them have flown two-seat FJ and did not have flying careers exclusively on single-seat aircraft as Pheasant wishes us to infer from his posting.

Happy now?
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