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I think that if you have a wing or elevator come off, there is nothing that can be done - short of a BRS chute - because the descent is at about -3000 to -20000fpm i.e. 30 to 200kt VS which is going to be fatal. And you will get the 30kt end of this range only if the wreckage is spinning down.

For lower energy impacts, the huge trend towards ultralight/sports machines makes it much harder to provide any protection because those things are so flimsy. I know their supporters say they are tested to +6g or whatever and I am sure that is strictly correct but it is obvious when looking at one that there is little or no impact protection and there cannot be much within the weight limits. The only safety comes from their substantially lower stall (landing) speeds.

Today's sad accident looks like yet another very low level midair - the UK gets on average one a year. The best protection is to fly as high as possible and certainly above about 2000ft.
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