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I suppose that if the concept of protecting people from every possible threat to their safety in any undertaking is taken to its extreme, people may give up entirely on thinking for themselves, in the belief that 'they' wouldn't let you do it if it were dangerous.

I recall being in a yacht about 500 nm south-west of Australia when we had a fire on board. It was quite a serious situation, and two of our passengers said that if the worst came to the worst 'they' would send a helicopter to pick us up.

They were shocked to hear that we were actually very much on our own. I don't think they had ever felt so out of their comfort zone before.

This misplaced faith in 'them' saving one's bacon could be translated to using a machine tool. 'They wouldn't let a piece of machinery be sold if it didn't have fail-safes and guards against every risk it presented.' Hmm. Consider the hammer.

Proper instruction and the application of common sense is probably the best fail-safe and guard.
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