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CC, the initial question was, does anybody know whether there are any opportunities for TR'd A320 guys with no hours on type. Your response was to come back and clearly imply that paying for a TR was the wrong decision to have made. What I struggle with is where the constructive advice sought is in your post! What use is 'cringing' about the fact that the TR has already been paid for, apart from just be-littling a fellow pilot. There are not many other professions out there where a forum such as this would work, and that is testament to the fact that us pilots tend to look out for each other. You are by no means unique in having an opinion about paying for line training/TRs (I have my own opinions too) but in a thread like this, I just think you have been plain insenstivive, and quite frankly useless! Your lack of experience/ qualifications aside, perhaps your opinions would be better placed in another more suitable thread where a debate on the subject might actually be useful or constructive!
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