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Chilli Corneto
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Chilli Corneto, please don't think you are in any position whatsoever to judge how someone goes about their training - From the CTC Wings thread, I know that you have not even started your professional training! Highly underqualified to make any such judgement - pass your ATPL exams, get all the licences and ratings, then you might be in a better position, based on some actual valid experience, to comment. Not so long ago you posted that you were "still very new to the industry" and apologised for making incorrect assumptions.
PAJ I'm still entitled to my opinion despite my level of experience or progress through training. I'm sure I wouldn't be the only person to cringe hearing someone pay for a type rating with not guarantee of a job at the end of. Granted I can't say I would be guaranteed a job when I finish my training but nobody is going to be able to answer that!

Being "new to the industry" does not mean every assumption I make will be incorrect so I don't really appreciate you painting me as someone who knows all about the industry. I may have made a couple of mis-judgements but I can assure you I have looked into every area of training with a fine tooth comb! Including the dangers of self funded type ratings and the can of worms that is paying for line training. Again just becuase I haven't experienced the professional training personally does not mean I do not know what is involved.

I'll drop the matter now and look forward to more qualified replies!