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Less than 30 tons payload - what's the point?

More C17s and C130Js please
I would agree with your view to get rid now however......

these problems (weight, FADEC, props) are not necessarily insurmountable. The weight can be got down and will still give a useful load enabling FRES etc to be hauled around which can't be done in a J. The FADEC and the props issue I'm sure can be sorted - didn't the J have prop delamination issues at the start? That seems to have gone away now so with the extra delays they can address the issues.

Whilst I concede the delay is more of an issue for us as the K is on its last legs, I'm still not sure that getting out is the right plan. We need the capability medium and long term and even the J can't take the larger loads, let alone the distance the A400 will be able to take them.

When you factor in the extra issues of getting more C-17s and more J's such as cost and delivery time I'd say it's a pretty difficult to decision to make.
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