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Krypton - the last time I was in Jeddah was nine days ago, and I already miss it.... I hope you're enjoying the winter weather there. Let me know if you want some recommendations about some excellent seafood restaurants.

flyboyike - Generally speaking, SV is a nice airline to fly for. It's not perfect, but I know a bunch of SV pilots and they always have words of praise about the airline's flight operations department.

I myself am a citizen of Jeddah. I'm currently studying Aviation Management at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, ND. This major at UND includes flight training, which will help me to get recruited as a pilot in SV.

Why would I want to become a pilot in SV?

All things considered, there's more than one reason:

- They have a great safety record.
- All of the SV pilots that I know have had good things to say about SV's flight operations department.
- They have a nice salary.
- They have nice employee benefits.
- They are currently modernizing the fleet. This includes gradually phasing out the MD-90's, 747-100B's and 747-300's, and it also includes introducing new aircraft which are the A320's, A330-300's and 787-9's.
- They're based in my hometown, which is Jeddah.

These are the minimum requirements that they have for pilot recruitment that I know of. I don't know if they apply to foreigners, but they do apply to Saudi citizens:

- 320 hours total flight time, including 270 hours on single-engine aircraft and 50 hours on multi-engine aircraft.
- An FAA private pilot certificate, as well as an FAA commercial pilot certificate with an instrument rating and a multi-engine rating.
- A high school certificate.
- An FAA first class medical certificate.
- English language proficiency.
- Successfully passing the recruitment interview.

As for Jeddah, well I've been to several cities in the middle east, and I could say with confidence that Jeddah is one of the best cities in this part of the world. The cost of living here, including the price of renting an apartment and the prices of groceries, are cheaper than some cities in the gulf like Dubai. It's not a perfect city, but its pros more than make up for its cons. There's an abundant choice of many different types of restaurants, including Indonesian, Filipino, Lebanese, and some of the finest seafood in this world. The city is very much used to foreigners, because there are immigrants from several countries. Also, if you're into scuba diving, then Jeddah is located on the eastern coast of the Red Sea, which has some of the finest dive sites in the world. I always do scuba diving in Jeddah with friends; to me, as an activity, it's one of the highlights of the city.

If you have any further inquiries about SV or Jeddah, then let me know.
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