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Phase 1, phase 2, phase 3...

Hi everyone,

I've only recently joined this forum so I apologise if I appear completely naive by posing a question that has been asked several hundred times. I'm heading down to CTC's selection day shortly following their open day, and I was just wondering if the structure of the pilapt tests, or indeed the day itself and how it is conducted have changed significantly since the accounts provided in the old thread, around the time of summer 2006.
I'm also curious as to whether the questions in the interview are exclusively based around your competence and flying experience etc, or if they ask questions pertaining to the industry and recent developments? If someone could direct me to a recent account of someone's assessment experiences that would be great. Also, are the introductions presented to the entire group or just when you have the one-on-one interview? It seems odd to talk alot about yourself when there's 12 other people waiting to have their turn.

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