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Does CRM work in the aviation world? Or do you just pay lip service?

Not a wind up question, just wondered how it works in practice, and how this can be translated to the health service.

Does your culture really allow for the person at the bottom of the hierarchy, to question the person near the top?
You raise some very pertinent points Ginge, for CRM to be trule effective it needs to be fully supported by all, in particular from the top down.

While the major airlines spend millions each year on equipping their staff with the necessary training, I have heard considerable anecdotal evidence that some Captains still believe in the "my way of the highway' approach to operating an aircraft. CRM is not intended to undermine ones authority as Commander, but to enhance it by providing additional (possibly overlooked) information. I can site numerous examples where an additional pair of eyes has saved the day, I can even provide examples where untrained eyes have contributed to saving lives!
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