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Ok, I take it back, having just took the kids to the National Media Museum in Bradford (great day out by the way), and watching a documentary about the International Space Station in their 3D cinema, Rocket Science does look a bit complicated.

(Although does Rocket Science include getting the astronauts back?-getting them into orbit did look pretty much straightforward.)

One thing did stick out though-how bloomin untidy and awkward the ISS is. From the outside, looked like someone on drugs had designed it with Lego.

From the inside, couldn't help thinking that it was equally untidy-lots of loose wires and stuff-looked like the inside of my first car-the Escort Mark II, when I tried to install an 8-track and my music centre speakers.

Should surgeons use checklists? I guess they already do, even if it's only mentally.

I'll have to take a closer look at the report in detail before I offer an opinion- I'd have to be convinced that this added intervention saves lives.
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