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Surgeons learn from aviation and save lives

BBC NEWS | Health | Surgical checklist 'saves lives'

Using a simple surgical checklist during major operations can cut deaths by more than 40% and complications by more than a third, research has shown.
The National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) has ordered all hospitals in England and Wales to use it across the board by February 2010.

The checklist, devised by the World Health Organization (WHO), was tested in eight cities around the globe.

Staggering to think that it's taken the world of medicine this long to work this one out.

"Health Minister Lord Darzi, who played a role in developing the checklist, said: "The beauty of the surgical safety checklist is its simplicity and - as a practising surgeon - I would urge surgical teams across the country to use it. "Operating theatres are high-risk environments.

By using the checklist for every operation we are improving team communication, saving lives and helping ensure the highest standard of care for our patients.

The amazing results from the global pilot puts this beyond any doubt."

It ain't rocket science, you know. There's even a passing reference in there to CRM.

Any aviating medics care to comment?
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