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Okay, here goes.

Three meals a day, 500-600 calories each. Snack mid-afternoon to ward off the hunger pangs, plus something slightly more substantial before beddy-byes. You'll get used to feeling hungry - see as a sort of penance or, if you're that way inclined, a show of solidarity with 90% of the world's population who have to make do with 1 meal a day if they're lucky...

Avoid dairy where poss, also sugary & alcoholic drinks, also processed foods and minimise your meat intake (see it more as an occasional side dish). Stick to your RDAs in particular salt & sugars.

Do this and you'll see an effect within a fortnight. Stick with it and you'll add ten years to your life.

Oh, and for gawds sake do some exercise - low-impact stuff only (walking is good )

Good luck!
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