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Ah yes! Evergreen!

For those who think I spend way too much time pointing out salient issues with Bristow.....relief is coming!

I worked for Bristow three times....but only once for Evergreen!

There is a message in there if you look for it!

I decided early on that hanging about Bobo in the Republic of Upper Volta waiting for my first anniversary and the promised genuine Navy issue leather flying jacket that produced....was simply not worth it!

The small matter the folks back in McMinnville would not tell me the details of my pay for the previous four months....small trivia like...had I even been paid (they did not give that information out over the telephone)....outweighed my loyalty and desire to succeed in a relatively new employment.

It makes you wonder a bit....they accepted reverse charges from The Republic of Upper Volta but would not accept my assertion I was who I was when it came time to talk of pay matters. A short conversation with the Chief Pilot merely confirmed the company policy...."We ain't discussing pay matters with anyone over the phone." was to be followed.

I closed the conversation by asking if they would relay the information if I came to McMinnville in person....a notion they said would be satisfactory for compliance with their policy.

Thus....I did.

To their defense...upon my unscheduled return to McMinnville to make personal inquiries into the matter....they had paid me every single penny promised.

Their honesty in that one regard was verifiable....but that was the only small part of the honesty rainbow that shined.

Del Smith makes Bob Suggs look like a humanitarian when it comes to looking after his people.
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