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Hello guys

Just to let you all know, I was part of the ATP scheme, one of the first through the training and I just wanted to share my own views on this matter.

I'm not going to get into an embroiled discussion about the rights or wrongs of doing such a scheme - it was my decision entirely and I stand by it 100%

I have not been born with a silver spoon in my mouth, nor do I enjoy the benefits of wondrous and plentiful contacts, I am a hardworking, down to earth, middle class chap who wants to make something of himself, and for all of you who would deny me bettering myself and achieving something - who said class snobbery was dead eh?

I gave myself a few months of sending CV's out, making phonecalls, knocking on doors etc with no reply before deciding on the TR/LT route.
For those that will obviously say that my flying skills are of a questionable nature, I undertook the GAPAN/RAF test a while back and my results were one of the highest they have had, high enough for the RAF to try and talk me out of going for the airlines and actually onto fast jets instead.

The truth of the matter being unless you had lots and lots of hours, or unless you know someone pretty senior within the industry there was not much chance of getting a job with 200hrs and a CPL/IR, hence I decided to go for a Type Rating with 150hrs Line Training (as we all know that a type rating without any hours on type is pretty worthless), just the same as a few friends before me have done (with different companies) and all successfully are in jobs now by the way.

I found the Type rating hard work but enjoyable - The (easyJet) instructors were great, methodical, knowledgeable and took the time to teach you properly.... its no wonder that they have such a high reputation for training within the industry!

The Line Training with easyJet was fantastic, the Training Captains were very professional, took the time to train you properly, constantly tested your knowledge by hitting you with questions and I'm very thankful that I decided to go the LT route with ATP/easyJet as I've put the hard work and effort in and got a really good standard of training out of it.

Now to the crux of the matter - the job...
When I signed up I wasn't guaranteed anything! I was assured there was a very good chance of employment, but looking at it on a purely training point of view, ie an A320 TR with 150 (very good quality) hours on type it seemed highly attractive as eagle jet offer a similar scheme for approx 15,000 more again with no job guarantee either!

When I started my Type Rating the industry was going hell for leather, there were staff shortages, there was no fuel problems (still under $100 a barrel) and nobody had even come up with the term 'credit crunch' - no reason for me to believe that I wouldn't be able to find employment with someone like easyJet - entry requirements needed for a direct entry FO is a TR and 50 hrs on type

Since then lets just take stock of what has happened -

easyJet, Ryanair, Thomas Cook and BMI alongside nearly every other airline that would normally be happy to take on low hours guys with Airbus on its fleet, around the world has stopped recruitment

We've seen crude prices soar to over $150 a barrel and have now dropped to just under $50 jeopardising airlines that hedged at the wrong time

Zoom, XL, Frontier, Skybus, Silverjet, ATA ans Oasis airlines to name but a few have all gone bankrupt with the likes of even Alitalia in trouble

Pilots being forced to take unpaid leave

Banks are going under on both sides of the Atlantic

Governments are handing out billions of pounds to save others only to have them then repossess peoples homes

...and that dreaded term 'credit crunch' is on eveyones minds

Am I surprised that I'm not in a job?
Not really.

Am I confident that I'll get a job once it picks up?
Very confident.

Do I think I'll get offered a job ahead of the hundreds of CPL/IR guys with no jet experience?
I'd like to think so.

Do I blame ATP for the current global economic downturn?
Have a guess.

Do I think ATP have done everything in they could to secure us interviews, even in this climate?
I know they have been and still are working bloody hard at it!

Do I think I made the wrong decision doing the TR/LT?
Although my timing could have been better.

Do I think that I have done everything I could have possibly done within my means and power to make myself attractive to the airlines?

That's really all I want to say..... sorry its been a bit long winded, but I think everybody has missed the most major point here - what the industry economic climate is like!

As I said, I am one of the first four to be put forward and I know that the other 3 guys all share the same views as me. It's extremely frustrating for us, but we all realise what an utterly crap time it is for this whole industry!

I invite any other ATP guys & gals who feel the same way as me on this matter to post a reply.

Darvinder (Dee) Kang
aka Deefect

ps. ATP have not gone bankrupt, up in flames, up in smoke etc etc so thanks to all the scaremongering people out there who enjoy putting about rumours to destroy peoples and students livelihoods, its our lives you are playing with and I will thank you all kindly to allow us to make our own decisions may they be good or bad

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