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First of all,the chap was wearing a Corporal's No1 jacket (it had the tapes on the arm), which meant that he wasn't impersonating an officer, and second, I rather think that there's no law against it. Which law bars the wearing of surplus military uniform which still has rank tapes, medal ribbons on it? Does this mean that Army Surplus stores such as the one in Taunton which sells JHWs still replete with RM insigna upon it is facilitating the commission of a criminal offence?

Had he been wearing a PC's uniform, then he would've been in breach of the law. Likewise, I don't think that there's any UK equivalent to the Stolen Valor [sic] act in the States, so his wearing the medal ribbons left on the jacket when he bought it can't be an offence either...

Unless some law which would kill walting at a stroke has appeared without anyone here or on Arrse (with its infamous Waltenkommando unit...) spotting it, then the police would seem to have been wasting their own time?

On top of that, the bloke's hairstyle would mean that you'd have to be exceptionally pedantic to argue that he was impersonating a member of the armed forces.
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