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R22 Clipper wth you on that one , done quite a few water crossings now.No scary moments yet but could have got into that trap if it weren't for a good friend Atpl h . He came with me on a few trips and of course my first one.On that trip as I lifted from a coastal airport and coasted out I was climbing merrily on a nice but hazy day as I passed 1000ft he said " that's high enough" , with respect I never doubted his wisdom but always wanted to know the reason . I replied I'd like to go higher in case it all goes quiet, to which he said," if the engine quits your going in the water anyway so this is high enough to sort that out but if you continue climbing with this haze you will loose a good horizon for reference , now which do you think is more likely to happen? ". Served me well in later flights especially in slightly worse conditions too.
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