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Ecconomic Bust....or is it??

Jus wondering if the media are hypin up the ecconomic gloom for headlines. Just some observations.

Resteraunts, pubs and bars around Vic seem to be chockers on weekends and weeknights even.

The electrical stores that I visited when shoping for my plasma and blue ray have said that spending doesnt seem to be down, can be a few % points either way month to month. Still lots of bg ticket items walking out the doors every day.

Everytime i pass through Sydney and Melbourne airports they seem as crowded as allways. No obvious drop-off in pax numbers.

Tradies, builders, chippies etc are still going flat out....anyone tried to book a plumber lately.

Lastly, everyone I talk to says they dont seem worried about the gloomy ecconomic news, and more importantly, are spending the same way as they allways did.

Interest rates are down, petrol is way down in $$

So is it more myth than reality, a media beatup? At least in Oz.
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