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Well, at least it makes it explicit - ALL of the UK is screwed.

My predictions: FTSE = 3000 or less, Property = off from historic highs by up to 60%, unemployment above four million, the Pound at 85 Euro cents and USD $1.20 and rioting in the streets as inflation from import costs lets rip and salaries, benefits and incomes stagnate before declining under the weight of massive tax hikes. Another UK high street bank fails and most of the retail banking industry is de-facto nationalised (even more than now).

Airlines = BMI Baby, Jet2, and perhaps Flybe all gone in 2 years. Air Southwest, Monarch, and Loganair possibly gone as well. Virgin Atlantic merged with BMI into Lufthansa as a kind of "son of BMI" with vast capacity reductions and redundancies. 2000+ UK pilots seek work. There isnt any, nor will there be for years, if ever. New "Green Taxes" kill off UK aviation for ever.

Long-term the UK is a basket case with no oil, no skill base, no high value manufacturing, and no hope. Look for the seventies brain drain to restart with, this time, no reversal and no renaissance for perhaps decades.

10,000 of government debt per household in a nation with a per capita income of circa 20,000 on average says it all. We are doomed, doomed I say. And I mean it. What a tragedy. Oh, and Noo Labour, (not so different to Old Labour to my mind), HATES aviation so you can forget and help there, they'll tax it to death and beyond the grave - radio spectrum pricing for aviation anybody!!? Goodbye GA, Goodbye UK airline industry, Goodbye UK inward trade and investment, Hello Island Gulag run by demented former communists, (Gordon B, Alastair D), with about as much idea of economics as I have of plastic surgery.

In conclusion, anyone else see that article about so-called "cabinet enforcer" Liam Bryne MP, who gave his civil servants a 100 page memo entitled "Working with Liam Byrne" in which the pompous, tax-payer remunerated tw*t said he needed a "cappucino on his desk for 0830, hot soup at 12.30 and en expresso at 3 PM", along with a lengthy discourse about how to set out his paperwork? What an Arse. He also claimed the highest expenses of any MP, at over 178,000 I believe. How many night sectors does that take to pay?

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