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Ten West
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"Green" labels affixed to new taxes really boil my p**s.

How can stinging the public for yet more money do anything for the state of the planet? And yet if you dare to complain about a "Green Tax" then you're immediately labelled an Eco-Nazi who probably eats baby Pandas for breakfast.

Look at a map of the World. Look at what percentage of it is the UK. Why should we carry the can and endlessly shell out in a frenzy of self-flagellation at the altar of the Guardian-reading greenies?

I would have a lot more faith in "Green" issues if India and the developing world hopped on the bandwagon too. Until then I'll keep my "Cynical Old Git" title and wear it with pride.

My company encourages us to share cars, for example. And to not leave our monitors switched on when away from our desks. All in the interests of the health of the planet apparently.

So, I may be sending a couple of pilots off to burn 12 Tons of Jet A1, but hey - at least I saved some CO2 on the way in to the office, eh?
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