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Given that premise (I am not saying it isn't a solution) then there will be increased traffic with EZY, Ryan, KLM C.H.and BMI baby (becuase let face it, BA have abandoned all bu the South East). into AMS or CDG, on which, I add are already busy flights. just to go to Dubai or New York for example. not to mention restriction on Cabin and Hold baggage, which when on long term business is not easy if not impossible.

I am sure that Mr Virgin, Mr BA and Mr Emirates / Etihad et al would be happy about that one. To me it just seems like another kick in the nuts for an already struggling industry in the UK.

Is that really what we wnat to see happen,. the aviation version of the booze cruise just to get away on business / holiday and have the UK airports become nothing more that LoCo and charter hubs? a feeder satelite to the real airport in mainland europe.

A bit dramatic I admit, but I just think it's taking the pi$$
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