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Ryan air birdhit Rome

Gents: to get it clear
Greasecap JR was PF
at 200 ft on short final at (100752LT nov) CIO a multple bird hit occurred on a RYR flight from Frankfurt Hahn to Rome Ciampino.
More than 200 birdhits were counted (afterwards)
Engine nr 1 stopped (no power)
TOGA initated by PF, captain took over and after (0,020sec) engine nr 2 stopped
Put him down on the runway (a bit hard as you can see)
However NO CASUALTIES at landing (7 persons were taken into hospital due to neck complaints)
Crew did a perfect job
No paint programs were used to modify the photo or any ropes were used to evacuate the crew the crew asked for stairs to evacuate the passengers
The slide and the doors were openend by the recue services (see photo)
hope this will clarify some things.
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