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A brief list is: (From the Highland Flying School Website):

Exercise Exercise Topic
1 Familiarisation with the aeroplane
1E Emergency drills
2 Preparation for and action after flight
3 Air Experience
4 Effects of controls
5 Taxing
5E Taxing emergency
6 Straight and level flight
7 Climbing
8 Descending
9 Turning
10A Slow Flight
10B Stalling
11 Spin Avoidance
12 Take off and climb to down wind position
13 Circuit, approach and landing
12/13E Emergencies (on take off/ landing)
14 First Solo
15 Advance turning
16 Forced landing without power
17 Precautionary landings
18A Navigation
18B Navigation at lower levels and reduced visibility
18C Radio Navigation
19 Basic instrument flight
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