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Wouldn't argue with the need to spend on SH - 845,846 & 848 SK4s are ancient as are Bensons Pumas. But that's what you get when FASH begets SABR which begets FRC (which again is struggling to get non-maritime aircraft to operate from ships). Whether you agree with the options for FSTA or not - at least it's signed up and on the way if in inadequate numbers (T45 anyone?).

Unfortunately, the wish list of PR9, R1 and SEAD falls squarely under what you are suggesting for CVF/JSF - as Homer Simpson said "why can't someone else do it?". Last time I looked the principal AA threat in the sandpits was MANPADS and if we were doing Granby or Telic again, "surely" we'd be doing it with all the bells and whistles the USN & USAF bring to bear.

I don't for one minute disagree that good organic ISTAR & SEAD assets are very useful and the existing UK capability punches well above its weight - (much like our CVS + JFH) but as you seem to be arguing for our naval aviation capability "it's unaffordable". The actual enemy is in Whitehall and all this endless squabbling and finger pointing as to "my kit's more necessary than your kit" does is obscure the real culprit - PopEye and his minions. Look at Perce - someone springs for a "small" bunch of MPVs including remanufacturing the good old FV432 and he's supposed to beggar off happy with 500M.
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