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(edited to address correct poster, thanks)
Idle Thrus;
Also I think PJ2 ought not to have included the parking brake in his list - the warning for it only comes on when takeoff thrust is selected. This allows the TO Config test to be done with the parking brake set - clever, what?
Thanks for the response.

The T.O. Config test works as you suggest. What I posted was a list of what it monitored. I did not post how the system worked and the "correction" supplied by others assists in understanding how it does indeed work.

E. Mach;

Excess finger-wagging, head-banging and cheering/clapping from a fellow airman when in a collegial dialog between two professionals is discourteous - your point made regarding ECAM messages has been cleared up quietly and respectfully by others and I have clarified above what was meant by my post which was clearly "for information" to advance discussion on various TOWS systems extant and not intended as a detailed description for those who may not even know what an ECAM is. I thank others for providing more details.


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