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About 3/4 of the spanish press refuses to speak of human error with the flaps not being down.

I'm not sure the political motives behind it, but every single article and word is carefully worded so that mention of human error as the likely (or proven) cause of this or other ismilar accidents is ALWAYS avoided at ALL costs.

Therefore they always speak of "problems with the flaps" rather than "pilots forgetting to deploy them".

Very misleading if you ask me. They way it's done, it's very, very, very, very, very misleading. Downright inches within a blunt lie. They even say that of other accidents where the "proven" cause was the pilots never lowering the flaps.

I PERSONALLY think the reason is that it allows more "mystery" and "controversy" to leave the door open to airplane problems rather than the more "boring": "well, the pilots simply forgot to flip a switch and that was enough to bring a whole ariplane down".

I'm exaggerating, but you get the point. The press wants a flashier show, and "simple, unsophisticated" human error doesn't cut it.

I may be wrong. Just my opinion.
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