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Typhoon will NEVER be as good an aircraft for CVF as a STOVL JSF.

Typhoon will NEVER be as good a day one strike aircraft as JSF.

It may not be quite as good a carrier aircraft as Rafale or Super Hornet, even after the extensive mods that would be required. But it could perhaps be good enough?

And a Marinised Typhoon would give useful commonality with the RAF's aircraft, with consequent cost savings.

But the real savings would flow from scrapping BOTH JSF and CVF. That would free up enough cash for tankers, Support Helicopters, recce, SEAD and all of the other kit we need.

Barn Doors,

You undermine any credibility you may have had with the ridiculous statement that Typhoon was developed to meet today's threats, not tomorrows. It was designed to cope with a developed Flanker, assuming parity in radar, avionics and weapons - and that is exactly the threat now being developed and likely to be out there 'tomorrow'. Nor does Typhoon have a 160 m flyaway cost - or at least not in Euros (the price is in the order of 60 m as shown by the Austrian order) or pounds (the flyway or UPC is in the region of 37 - 42m for a Tranche 2 jet). The total unit programme cost is 82-86 m (19-20 Bn divided by 232). Only a witless, innumerate nerk like Lewis Page could get to 160 m GBP......

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