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Tim McLelland
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Ignoring the half-hearted attempts at insults, I'm afraid you're fooling yourself BD.

British Aerospace have repeatedly said that navalising the Typhoon would be relatively straightforward. Please don't respond with the inevitable "well they would say that" as even British Aerospace is no longer in a position to make wild claims in the hope that the Treasury will fund them.

The Typhoon is a capable aircraft with a good weapons fit. We've already got them into service and (unless the Treasury has an appetite for paying cancellation fees) we will have more than we (technically) need.

The JSF is an over-priced and unproven design which is already promising to offer nothing that can't be achieved with the Typhoon. Stealth capability is a pointless luxury and VTOL/STOL is something which belongs to the days of the Cold War. The Times article draws your attention to the JSF's lack of firepower when compared to the Typhoon, and also highlights the delicious prospect of our government paying more than two billion quid every year for two different strike aircraft over the next decade. Hmm...

I would suggest BD that you spend rather less time on chilish comments and a little more time considering the facts of the situation. Anyone can see what a difficult situation that the government is in, and it looks like they might (for once) finally do the right thing and get out of the JSF farce while they can.
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