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The way it normally works is like this:

MOD is short of money, so various staff officers (Wg Cdr or equivalent normally) are tasked to write papers on the cost savings and operational impact of, for example,.....

Scrapping all RN submarines.
Halfing the number of Army main battle tanks.
Scrapping the RAF E-3D fleet.
Disbanding the Royal Marines

Each of these alone would provide the cost savings required, and none of them is usually adopted, instead more salami slicing takes place. But if/when the journos get hold of it the story is.....'MOD to scrap all RN submarines, and reduce Army main battle tanks, and scrap the E-3D fleet, and...., and,.....and, to cover black hole in budget.

Oh, and lots of Wg Cdrs get bored writing papers on things that will never happen, but they are well paid and have a big mortgage and school fees to pay for.......
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