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You are quite clearly an armchair enthusiast (id*ot) with a chip on your shoulder that even the late Mr Norris McWhirter would be impressed by!

What gives you the impression that a marinised Typhoon a) is a viable option and b) can do the job equal or better than the F-35? Whatever you're smoking I'd quit before the men in white coats come and lock you up with the rest of the loons!!

This cr*p always, always comes around every time cuts have to be made. I distinctly remember a regularly-fielded round of cuts that always threatens the Red Arrows, no? It's part of the whole "options" bit - nothing is a done deal until it's......done. Get over yourself.....

The solution for marinising Typhoon is so unbelievably hilarious it harks back to the Heath-Robinson days and no matter what you retrofit to Typhoon it'll never bridge the technology gap.....ever.

Keep working on your Darwin award, you're really close now!

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