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Ketchup, I had seen your comments....

Without putting too fine a point on it, the "public interest" would probably play a role in the decision making process as to allowing helicopter operations in non-heliport areas in built up areas. The quoted Canadian regulation does go on to state exemptions for police type operations.

It does not sound to me that the operation in this discussion met the terms of police operations.

So, some passengers, who can afford to beckon a helicopter, are unwilling to walk to a suitable landing area, or hire a car to take them there? Are those passengers being fair to the pilot, and assuring that he is not feeling pressured to conduct an operation which might not comply with the spirit of a regulation, or a risk of reduced safety?

I think that sometimes passengers fail to adequately imagine the possible consequenses of what they are requesting, and pilots are too eager to please to tell them.

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