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Where are these pilots line training or line flying with Air Arabia or Easyjet they may look at these forums every day but why don't they post on here to shut up the dissenters. My feelings are if the deal was so good, guys and girls would be crowing about it on here and singing the ATPs praises. I have checked out the ATP site and once again there are no testimonies about how great it is as yet....

My feeling are that paid or other schemes such as ATP, Storm CTC and Ryanair have had there day in the present climate. They may return but currently they have no place.

Now it's not all doom and gloom feeders such as Flybe will start recruiting again and the airlines will recover in time. I suggest that instructing would be cheaper and in the long run make you more attractive to all employers than A320 and 300hrs that have been in the log book for over a year.

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