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El Mundo, citing first-hand access to the aircraft's maintenance log, wrote that in the days before the crash, there has been alarms and inspections regarding slats and flaps; and two events of overheated RAT probe on the day before the crash.
Original in Spanish: El sistema de despegue falló dos días antes de la tragedia
Automated English translation

Is this for real? If yes, it possible to sort out what the flat/slats alarms reported are about? And/or, is a reliable transcript of the maintenance log available?
The problems EL Mundo refers to are concerning the AUTOSLAT system, that is completely indipendent from "normal" slats/flaps extension
The TLB have only one entries saying "autoslat fail light on"
The emergency checklist says that in flight you should be aware that Slats can go directly to "Land" position (instead on takeoff, just mid-extension) when selecting any position
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